Ufcw 21 Contract Agreement

We have made many thoughtful proposals at the moment and we hope that Providence will begin to listen that the current language of the treaty will not be due! « Our hospital still has bad revenues and we have further improved our contract. We look forward to seeing everyone at the zoom meetings to explain the improvements made to the attempt agreement. Nevertheless, your negotiating committee and RN leaders recommend a « NO »! We do the renewal vote by standard mail. All ballots must be counted by August 7, 2020. If you do not receive emails from the EU, please update your contact information online: ufcw21.org/update-your-information or contact Anthony Cantu, Union Rep (206) 436-6566. On 15 and 16 December, we met with Providence and discussed the EIB, the absences and access of trade unions. We have reached an interim agreement on union access. This allows a trade union delegate to visit the hospital in public spaces and allows a union company director to participate in a new staff orientation to introduce members into the union. « Today we had a productive discussion about wages and benefits. We have found something in common, but we still have a long way to go to reach an agreement. We`re getting closer! Because of our common strength and common goal, we have ratified the strongest grocery treaty in decades, without takeaways. We did it together; every department, every store, every community. Together, we win. UFCW members across the country were last year on UNITED fair contracts.

We supported our New England colleagues during their strike and we were with members from Colorado, Southern California, Oregon and Southwest Washington during months of difficult negotiations. Local 555 (Oregon and SW Washington) did not take place until Saturday 289. These natives earned wage increases of 45 to 60 cents per hour at the top of the ladder for each year of the contract and earned additional improvements to their contracts in addition to salary increases. During the last two days of negotiations, we reached an agreement with Albertsons/Safeway on a retirement solution. We already have an agreement with Kroger on our retirement. Your negotiating team is working hard to get us to talk about an agreement that will guarantee our retirement in the future and allow us to negotiate and address health and wage proposals.